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Established in 2002, Twin Cities Chinese Dance Center (“TCCDC”) is a non-profit performing arts and educational organization founded with the mission of promoting the understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture.  Our activities are designed to preserve traditional Chinese genres of performing arts and nurture innovations that reflect the dynamic and diverse Chinese cultural heritage.
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TCCDC has developed essentially since it was established in 2002 with growing support from a variety of individuals, communities and organizations in Minnesota. We gained high reputation in the communities for professional instructors and curriculum setup, high quality performances and reliable operation. TCCDC held quite a few successful performances such as the 2009 annual production (Dance of the Joy) and the 2010 Mother’s Tribune show. Furthermore, TCCDC also dedicated to out reaching and improving communities diversification through out all kinds of concerts, dance competition as well as local theme events and performances. Speaking of excellence and high level of performance, five students from TCCDC brought back three first-place and one second-place trophies from the North American Dance Competition in May of 2010.

With the quality, diversity, and social responsibility, TCCDC is truly the most promising Chinese dance center in the Twin Cities. 

  1. 2017 Chinese New Year
    2017 Chinese New Year
    Feb 23
    Twin Cities Chinese Dance Center (TCCDC) presents a special 100 min. performance to celebrate Chinese New Year of the Rooster. The show features the dances of diverse cultural Groups from ethnicities in China
 2018 迎新春大型歌舞晚会《春色满园》Dance of Joy - IX
Dear TCCDC Students, Parents and Friends,You are cordially invited to celebrate Chinese New Year, the Year of the Dog,  with TCCDC on a memorable night filled with beautiful music, charming songs and dazzling dances. 

Twin Cities Chinese Dance Center (TCCDC) presents a special 100 min. performance to celebrate Chinese New Year-the Year of the Dog. The show features the dances of diverse ethnicities in China. Famous Chinese Tenor Mr. Jinxing Zhou will also join us with his best brilliant, glorious, dazzling, remarkable performance. Thousands of years of history and myth of Far East ethnicities, consisting of different beautiful, colorful pictures from the Himalaya mountain to the restless Black Dragon river, ranging from the ordinary to the popular. Plus, an unexpected surprise between the performers and you; everyone will feel a grand, strong, solid culture of exploration in the Chinese love stories and civilization. It showcases the evolving nature of the dance arts transitioning into modern forms; at the times exploring  “Tradition Meets Innovation” modifications, and a myriad of influences that people from these regions have on the Chinese dance genre and culture.​​

双城华人舞蹈中心在狗年新春到来之际, 向明州华人社区以及各界 朋友们拜早年,祝大家新春愉快,身体健康,狗年大吉,万事如意。 为了在节日里给大家带来一份欢乐和喜悦,我们的艺术总监张欢茹再 次精心策划和编导了《春色满园》- 锦绣中华 – 九, Dance of Joy IX.一场长达一百多分钟的大型歌舞晚会献给各界的朋友。晚会将 聚焦展现中国各民族舞蹈的文化和风情。中国国家一级演员,著名男高音歌唱家周金星老师将与我们同台演出,以及社区文艺界精英们和 大家共同欢庆。晚会将以它绚丽夺目的舞蹈和优美动听的歌声带您度 过一个欢乐喜庆的夜晚。

演出地点 Location:
O’Shaughnessy Auditorium, St. Catherine University, 2004 Randolph Ave. St. Paul, 55105

演出时间 Date and Time:
Jan 13, 2018, Saturday 7:00 PM; Jan 14, 2018, Sunday 2:00 PM

票价 Tickets:
$18,VIP $50, Group price $15 (10+)

购票联系 Contact:
651-332-3822, 612 -229- 1120, or 651-329-8873 (Chinese only)

邮箱订票 E-mail Reserve tickets:

更多信息Venue Website: of-joy/


Your Donation Makes A Huge Difference For Our Community

TCCDC needs your support. Twin Cities Chinese Dance Center (AKA “TCCDC”) is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations have always played an important role. If you would like to make a donation, you have two ways to do it: 

1) Direct donation. Just write a check to TCCDC and mail it to:

Twin Cities Chinese Dance Center
PO Box 131114
Roseville, MN 55113

2) Donation through United way or other charity agencies.  

TCCDC’s Tax ID:   42-1674604 

Either way, your donations will be tax deductible.

Established in 2002, TCCDC is a non-profit, community educational organization, its mission is promoting the understanding and appreciation of Chinese culture. Our activities are designed to preserve traditional Chinese genres of performing arts and nurture innovations that reflect the dynamic and diverse Chinese cultural heritage. In past years, there were 270 students attended our classes and performed at various places in our communities, such as New Year Celebration at Landmark in St. Paul 2011, “Minnesota Fringe Festival” at U of M 2012, “Passage from China” at Mall of American 2013. The dance drama YIYUSA (Youth International, Youth USA) opened the door to about 100 public school students to access the art performing, the show opened to the public successfully on Feb. 16 – 17, 2013. Our outreach programs provides the performances to senior centers, public schools, companies, and community events. The impression and communication promote the culture diversity greatly. Our audiences now include other race people besides Asian, such as Caucasian, Black and Mexican. ​​​

Each year, in preparing the New Year Celebrating performance, our students spend a lot of after school time in the dance classes to pursue the best for our communities and audiences. All our working staffs are volunteers except the dance instructors. We use very limited resource to improve the quality of the education value. On July 20-21, 2013, our students won 9 first prizes among 177 competition attenders came from 3 states, 8 arts organizations at Minnesota First American Chinese Dance Festival. The peer review panel had recognized two of our students have obtained the professional dancer level. These achievements our students made come from our communities, serve and benefit communities. 

Right now, we have been in the middle of a fundraising campaign in an effort to be able to perfect each factor of the upcoming performance so we can better serve our communities. Thank you for considering a donation to help us to make this year’s show a great success.

The honorary award to your impact:

$500 - Gold sponsorship: You name and the brief short history of your business will appear on our brochures in bold font and highlighted with Golden color; 

$300 – Silver sponsorship: You name will appear on our brochure in bold font and highlighted with Silver color;

$50 VIP ticket at the primary seating area; $18 for general ticket, Group (10 tickets) discount available.

Your company name will be shown on our brochures and about 2,000 brochures will be distributed. On the day of the show, your company name will be projected on the background screen for 60 minutes before the show. There will be 1,300 audiences to see your generosity. Please help us and join this exciting event together, and make our performance success again. Twin Cities Chinese Dance Center is a non-profit organization. Your contribution to us is tax deductible.

You can visit our website at to see our performance poster.

Whether you contribute to our campaign or send a contribution for the ticketing, you will be helping provide the best performance so we can enjoy the happiness at our traditional Holiday!

Thank you very much for your generosity and support!